VNW Finance understands that capital is probably the most important component of the business. Every business do need money to grow and expand. VNW Finance can give your business access to a wide variety of financing options to provide your business with the finance it requires. We are working with hundreds of financial institutions to bring you the best financial package to help your business.

Below are examples of our finance services:

Commercial Mortgage


Cash flow

Corporate and project finance

We are able assist with Homeowner loan application, you can submit an online application in our website below.

We can offer you FREE initial consultation to determine your financing needs, a personal meeting can be arranged in your office where possible. If you wish to proceed after the first meeting, we will prepare your application and package your loan request.  We select the best funding source for your transaction and acts as the liaison between you and the lender to expedite funding. We are paid a commission only after a successful loan funding. For some international lending, the lenders may charge a fee to cover their expenses for due diligent.

For full details of the above financial services, please visit