Birt & Tang is dedicated to bringing you new kinds of refreshment. The products are blended to make them agreeable to the Western palate, but they are chock-full of the kind of Chinese herbs to which health-conscious Westerners are paying more and more attention.

Birt & Tang is a UK product, the company is well established in UK. The products are already available in UK major supermarket chain such as Tesco & Sainsbury, and prestigious departmental stores like Selfridges and Waitrose. The products also received high profile review by the newspapers and magazine such as British Airway magazine, Vogue, Grocer etc.

Strong logistical and management resources are being setup in China. Their knowledge and experience of both Western and Chinese markets make it first choice partner for any company planning to import natural products from China. Birt & Tang is currently seeking new distributor worldwide. The product is currently on sale in UK, Norway and Middle East. If you are interested in distributing Birt & Tang products, or wish to receive press reviews and further information, please send us an email to express your interest or visit Birt & Tang website.